Hatha Yoga with a Taste of Mindfulness

At Ready to Relax we offer Hatha Yoga with a Taste of Mindfulness. This program runs each term throughout the year. Suitable for beginners and people with experience who want to deepen their practice. Gentle mindful yoga movements, awareness of the breath and the body. The class concludes with a fifteen minute progressive body relaxation to elicit the relaxation response.

“Eliciting the relaxation response is very beneficial in dealing with chronic pain as it may be associated with greater pain tolerance as it has the potential to reduce inflammation, cause muscle relaxation, reduce hypervigilance and desensitise the central pain pathways and enhance mood and reduce emotional reactivity to pain. The relaxation response is opposite to the flight and fright response which occurs when we are stressed. Learning to relax this way allows for the body to go into a natural healing state without medication.” Dr Craig Hassed from the Department of General Practice at Monash University in Melbourne



Wednesdays - 10th October - 12th December 2018

Every Wednesday - 7.15-8.30pm

T12, L1,Circle Health Building
Unit 6, 230 Blackshaws Road
Altona North, VIC 3025

Term 3 Cost: (10 weeks)
$200.00 (payment plan available)

Wear comfortable clothing

Yoga mat and blanket. Meditation stool or cushion optional. (chairs provided for sitting meditation)

Hatha Yoga with a Taste of Mindfulness is an introduction to practice and embody experientially being in the moment and allowing us to be aware of direct experience as it arises and passes. To further explore mindfulness meditation enrol in our MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) 8 week program and immerse yourself in a new way of being.


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